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The HypertextMarkupLanguage (HTML) is the de facto standard for creating WorldWideWeb documents. Although designed primarily as a presentation format, the HTML standard does provide a mechanism for describing properties of a document in the form of the meta element.

The meta element has two attributes (name and description) which describe document properties. The HTML specification does not in itself define a set of legal meta data properties [1]: the meaning of a property and the set of legal values for that property can be defined in a reference lexicon called a profile.

<HEAD profile="">

<TITLE>How to complete Memorandum cover sheets</TITLE>

<META name="author" content="John Doe">

<META name="copyright" content="&copy; 1997 Acme Corp.">

<META name="keywords" content="corporate,guidelines,cataloging">

<META name="date" content="1994-11-06T08:49:37+00:00">


Several search engines, such as AltaVista, use common properties such as author, copyright, and keywords defined in meta elements to help index HTML documents.

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-- Last edited October 27, 2002

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