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A number of notable weblogs started before "weblog" was a term and before special-purpose weblog software existed. Many of these pioneering weblogs are still published -- indeed, many of these weblogs are among the most widely-read and influential personal sites today.

Links From Underground
Probably the oldest Web memoir, Justin Hall's site began when he was a freshman at Swarthmore. (TedNelson, Andy van Dam, and MarkBernstein are also Swarthmore alumni, interestingly enough) Hall hit on a formula of writing intelligently, with feeling, and with remarkable candor about whatever interested him (including his girlfriends). He quickly attained a large following and became one of the first Web celebrities. [1]

Scripting News
Dave Winer (Userland Software) began Scripting News as a news page for Frontier, his company's scripting tool. Over the years, the page has grown and its interests have become diverse; as the main focus of Userland has shifted toward personal Web tools and weblogs, the focus of this page has followed. Winer is opinionated and devoted; he has been known to post very frequently, watches Web sites in which he is interested with hawk-like intensity, and rarely minces words. Winer's writing is lively, eclectic, and often extremely controversial. [2]

Robot Wisdom
Occasionally cited as the first weblog, Jorn Barger's news page lists, and briefly comments upon, articles that appear elsewhere. Barger was extremely vocal in advocated reverse chronological order, and in replacing the Home Page convention with the news paper. He is opinionated, tireless, and relentless in pursuing arguments in usenet and elsewhere. Some writers believe Robot Wisdom to be anti-semitic. [3]

Rebecca's Pocket
an early Weblog by the author of The Weblog Handbook (see WeblogBooks) and maintainer of a useful directory [4] of weblogs. [5]

Cameron Barrett published an early and insightful weblog on Web software and related technoculture. His sidebar, a list of other, similar sites, became the first blogroll and was, in the early days, a comprehensive list of other weblogs. [6]

Ric Ford and company deliver fresh news and links every day to new software and other happenings in the Macintosh community (since 1994). [7]

-- MarkBernstein, JohnAbbe

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-- Last edited October 27, 2002

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