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Like a web browser, but with modifications to make browsing a WikiWiki more fun and effective. See Wiki:WikiBrowser (

TinderBox may well be the first.

It's not exactly a WikiBrowser in this sense. Tinderbox is particularly good at note-taking and organizing, and its use of SpatialHypertext makes it good for discovering EmergentStructure. Tinderbox lets you drag a Wiki's files into the Tinderbox; new pages become new notes, and existing pages that have changed are synchronized. This makes a nice environment for revising a Wiki, especially one (like WeblogKitchen) that is growing quickly.

A screen shot would help! -- MarkBernstein

I'm guessing it would be easy to construct a personal wiki entirely within Tinderbox (optionally publishing it out to a local wiki server); then mark some pages to be published/synced out to one's public wiki. Doing this on a page-at-a-time basis with multiple public wikis is the kind of thing i'd like to see in a WikiBrowser.

Not clear if you're asking for a screen shot (i could mock up what i'd like to see in TheGimp). If you were thinking of posting a screenshot of what you have going with wiki & Tinderbox that would be great; please do!

PikiePikie (the wiki software i'm using) stores the whole wiki in plain text files, so hopefully it will be easy to try this out once i really sit down with Tinderbox. What are your plans around making the wiki modifications available? --JohnAbbe

First mention of Tinderbox editing wiki (btw, the link to "More in Books..." points to Books9.html while the Wiki Way is mentioned in Books10.html):

-- Last edited November 27, 2002

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