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In 1995, invited professionals from various fields of computer science met in Dublin, Ohio, to discuss improvements in the description, access, and discovery of resources on the WorldWideWeb. This meeting resulted in the proposal of a simple set of metadata elements known as the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set. http://dublincore.org/

The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set provides a vocabulary for describing core properties of resources on the WorldWideWeb:

  1. title

  2. contributor

  3. author/creator

  4. publisher

  5. subject

  6. description

  7. date

  8. resource type

  9. format

  10. resource identifier

  11. language

  12. relation

  13. source

  14. coverage

  15. rights

Though these elements may seem sparse, the objective of the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set is to create a simple and interoperable element set that can be understood and used by experienced and novice users alike.

The proposal itself does not specify a syntax for representing the metadata elements, but representations in other formats (such as the ResourceDescriptionFramework and RdfSchema[1]) have been demonstrated.

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-- Last edited October 27, 2002

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