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The Flag Taxonomy of OpenHypertextSystems was developed in 1996. The Flag Taxonomy (so called because of its similarity to the Danish national flag) is a framework for comparing and classifying OpenHypertextSystems.

The Flag Taxonomy describes OpenHypertextSystems in terms of the Storage Manager, the Data Model Manager, the Session Manager, the Viewer, and the interfaces between them.

In 1998 the model was extended to describe the interactions between different OpenHypertextSystems using the T3 Protocol.


The Flag taxonomy of Open Hypermedia Systems
Kasper ÿsterbye & Uffe Kock Wiil, Proceedings of the í96 ACM Conference on Hypertext, Washington, D.C., 129ñ139, 1996.

Using the Flag Taxonomy to Study Hypermedia System Interoperability
Kasper ÿsterbye & Uffe Kock Wiil, Proceedings of the í98 ACM Conference on Hypertext, Pittsburgh, 188ñ197, 1998.

-- Last edited October 27, 2002

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