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The ACM Hypertext Conference is the best place to learn about current research on hypertext, hypermedia, and the Web.

The overwhelming majority of important research papers on these topics appear in the Proceedings Of The Hypertext Conference. Many volumes are available from the ACM or through Eastgate (http://www.eastgate.com/catalog/Books.html)

Each year, the Hypertext Conference bestows the EngelbartAward for the best research paper, the NelsonAward for the best paper by a new author, and TheBernies for the best hypertext.

The Hypertext Conference is sponsored by SigWeb. Post conferences include (program chairs in parentheses)

  • 1987: University of North Carolina

  • 1989: Pittsburgh (Frank Halasz)

  • 1990: Paris

  • 1991: San Antonio (Jan Walker)

  • 1992: Milano (Paolo Paolini, Franca Garzotto)

  • 1993: Seattle (David Stotts, Richard Furuta)

  • 1994: Edinburgh (Nuno Guimares)

  • 1996: Washington DC (Cathy Marshall, Mark Bernstein)

  • 1997: Southampton (Kasper Osterbye, Mark Bernstein)

  • 1998: Pittsburgh (Elli Mylonas, Kaj Groenbaek)

  • 1999: Darmstadt (Uffe Wiil, John Leggett)

  • 2000: San Antonio (Frank Shipman)

  • 2001: Aarhus (Hugh Davis, Jane Douglas)

  • 2002: University of Maryland (Stuart Moutlhrop, Ken Anderson)

  • 2003: AcmHt03 Nottingham (LesCarr, Lynda Hardman)

The next Hypertext Conference will be held in Nottingham, England on August 26-30, 2003. Papers will be due in February 2003. The program chairs are Les Carr and Lynda Hardman. http://www.ht03.org

-- Last edited October 27, 2002

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