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Knowledge management (KM) is an emergent management paradigm and business movement seeking to leverage innovation, decision making and learning. This page serves as a quick guide to major resources & current issues.

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KM sources

  • KM Wiki [1] - a meta collection of links and commentary

  • Km Intro [2] - a gentle introduction with links to tutorials

  • KM Forums [3] - a list of KM watering holes

  • KM Sources [4] - a guide to static KM web pages

KM issues & concerns

  • 5 short term & long term issues for knowledge leaders [5]

KM fundamentals

What do we need to know and do to make KM work & happen?

  • Understanding knowledge: What it means, how to work with it, who owns it, how it flows, finding who knows.

  • Supporting knowledge: Making sharing and knowledge creation happen, applying new & useful knowledge level practices, developing & appreciating symptoms and diagnostics. Walking on a different (higher?)landscape.

  • Scaling knowledge: Moving from individual insights, to group validation, to enterprize meaning, and then beyond. Overcoming the 'stickiness' at community level and the 'slipperiness' associated with professional / domain interactions.

  • Speeding cultural changes: Knowledge is closely tied to people and identity, changing mindsets is more than altering process and habits. Making sure we 'listen' and empathize with discontinuous insights, killing NIH.

  • (Learning how to) transfer learning: Making & taking new concepts to action, thinking together, collaborating and delivering to a market that will not wait. Retention, actionalization and embedding not just access & experience.

Currently under construction. Please help --DenhamGrey

-- Last edited October 27, 2002

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