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The Meta Content Format (MCF) is an XML based structure description language [1].

MCF abstracts an information organisation structure as a directed labelled graph:

A directed labelled graph comprises:

  1. a set of nodes (Chatwin, Person, Author, etc.)

  2. a set of labels (typeOf, range, domain, etc.)

  3. a set of arcs

Each arc represents a relationship between two objects (nodes). The relationship is described by a label.

In MCF, nodes can represent things like web pages, images, subject categories, channels, and sites. They can also represent "real-world" objects such as people, places, and events. The arcs (properties) can represent characteristics such as size or lastRevisionDate of web pages, subject categories, etc., and also their relationships (such as hypertext links, authorship or parenthood) to other objects. [2]

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-- Last edited October 27, 2002

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