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In 1992 researchers noticed that there were two distinct kinds of HypertextSystems evolving, both easily describable using the DexterReferenceModel:

  1. Systems which focused on the Runtime and Storage layers of the DexterReferenceModel, investigating the management of hypertext objects and their storage.

  2. Systems which focused on the Within-Component layer of the DexterReferenceModel, investigating hypermedia extensions to existing applications (e.g. CAD systems).

What was missing was a clear specification of the interface between these two types of system: the Anchoring Interface of the DexterReferenceModel. In response Multicard was developed. Multicard unifies these two approaches by offering a basic set of hypermedia tools accessible via a standard interface: the M2000 protocol.

Links in Multicard can be thought of as event or message channels between objects. For example, to follow a link, an 'activate' message is sent through the channel. The M2000 protocol allowed scripting languages to easily reconfigure the behaviour of the Multicard system.

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Multicard - An Open Hypermedia System
Antoine Rizk & Louis Sauter, Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Hypertext, Milan, Italy, 4-10, 1992.

-- Last edited October 27, 2002

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