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TheWeblogHandbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog'' Blood, Rebecca. [1]

Book site:

Author's weblog:

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Comments and Reviews

Dave Winer was unimpressed [2] . "Her original history was all wrong, and while she's made some corrections, she still doesn't understand the medium, or even tell the story of how weblogs came to be with any accuracy. This is why her friends didn't dominate, and why her books are both so anachronistic."

Q Daily News [3] responds to Winer's comments, which he considers unfair. "[Winer's] definition of 'respect for the story' is 'willingness to make specific mention of Dave Winer and UserLand.'

Anil Dash finds it a bit boosterish, and regrets Blood's decision to avoid discussing weblog tools [4]. (See Bernstein [5])

Steve Pilgrim [6] thought it was a milestone book, though he wished for more information on information gathering: "Now, I'd like to know how the bloggers with high traffic and lots of posts do it."

Mark Bernstein [7] calls is 'a romantic view of weblogs.

Tragedy tells us that our weblogs are the playthings of the Gods, subject to the whims of fate and fortune. Comedy promises that our weblogs can succeed through hard work, struggle, and good fortune. Melodrama warns us that there are bad people and evil forces in the world, and that only through courage and determination can our weblogs overcome their malignity. And Romance assures us that, though weblogs fail everywhere, our weblog will prosper because we, ourselves, are wonderful.

-- Last edited November 12, 2002

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