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News about Wiki developments.

Jul 17, 2002

Added support for links that aren't a WikiWord. Some links (acronyms, system names) are hard to coerce into WikiWord labels. Now, any word surrounded by two underscores _ _ like this _ _ is treated as a Wiki link. (Thanks to TimMilesBoard for getting this working)

Jul 1, 2002

Added support for citation links. Enclose a URL in double square brackets [like this] to create a reference link [2]. This compact format is much nicer for citing reference material, especially were the URLs are lengthy and uninformative. (MarkBernstein)

Jun 28 2002

Fixed the LesCarr bug, which left the unsuspecting user editing the greeting page. Modified recent changes to show the time of changes. Fixed a file permissions issue which made syncing to Tinderbox awkward. The symbol "$ date" (omit the space) now marks the EDIT time. Wrote this. (MarkBernstein)

-- Last edited October 27, 2002

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